Herbal Therapy

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If you want to work with herbal medicine, this is a course that gives you the knowledge and tools you need. It is an advanced education that is based both on the latest research and on traditional ways of using herbal medicine.

Education in eight stages

Herbalists usually prescribe herbs in combinations and then sell these combinations directly to their patients from their clinic. This differs from the regular medical system where a doctor prescribes one or perhaps two drugs that the patient receives from a pharmacist. Herbalists prescribe herbs with the aim of restoring normal organ function and the prescribed combinations are individualized and so unique to each patient. These combinations are usually adjusted every couple of months in response to improvements as the body heals. In addition, modern herbalists often recommend nutritional supplements to support the herbal treatment. This means that during a consultation there is a lot to think about.

Free introduction!

As teachers of Natural Medicine, with many years of experience, we appreciate that undertaking a course involves an emotional, financial and time investment by students. Then there is the problem of course selection, not only is it what you want but what is the quality of the course material and the quality of teachers. In addition, you don´t want to be the victim of an internet scam.

Michael K McMullen (PhD) is the only teacher in our herbal course. He has been working clinically as a herbalist In Stockholm for over 30 years as well as training herbalists in Sweden for over 20 years. After doctoral studies he received a PhD from the University of Westminster, London, in 2012. A list of his scientific publications is available on this site or visit www.pubmed.com.

To help you decide if we have what you are looking for, we offer the first session (Introduction – Tools of the Trade) without cost as a sample. The session is approximately 6 hours long.

  • If you decide to continue, you enroll and pay for the training.
  • If you decide not to continue then “bye-bye”, but please send us a short email to say why the course didn´t meet your expectations.

The content of the education

You will learn to use more 100 different herbs from all over the world and how they can be combined with medicinal mushrooms and nutritional supplements for each organ system. Each course begins with a physiological review of the body’s various systems. Then possible causes for the body’s dysfunction are presented, for example environmental factors and nutritional deficiencies. Then follows extensive descriptions of plant-based treatments related to the use of various herbs and nutrition.

Advanced education

The training is at a high level aimed at producing professional therapists. The course material contains quotes from current research. The research deals with various things that are relevant to each course, it can be herbs, amino acids, vitamins, dietary habits, drinking habits, smoking and other lifestyle activities. Knowing how to gain access to information is emphasised rather than remembering chemical structures.


Some examples of what previous years’ students thought of the education:

Thank you so much Mic for this course, it has been incredibly educational.

Thank you so much for these fantastically interesting weekends! It would have been fun to be there on site, but it has worked well remotely as well.

Thank you for a very interesting education. Now I have to work my way through all the tests. When the blood analysis course comes, I would like to participate.

Courses stages

The training consists of eight stages prepared in PowerPoint. You can start the training at any time. The number of days shown below indicates the length of the course stages when they were presented live. Each day contains 5-7 hours of material, not including extra time necessary to read additional material during the presentation. Then count on roughly the same amount of time to study and learn the material properly. You don’t have to listen to the recordings in one stretch, but can split it up and return as it suits you. Most students listen to the entire stage at least twice.

  1. Introduction to herbal therapy, 1 day
  2. Digestion, 2 days
  3. Detoxification, 2 days
  4. Cardiovascular system 3 days
  5. Immune system, breathing and inflammation, 3 days
  6. Nervous system, 2 days
  7. The hormonal system, 2 days
  8. Mixing liquid herbs, 1 day

Diploma in herbal therapy

By participating in all 8 steps and subsequent examinations, you will receive a diploma in herbal therapy. It is one examination per segment, the examinations are performed on the internet.

At a distance

You study the course at your own pace. You have access to lectures and writing for at least two years.

Recorded lectures on each area covered by the training. You can access these via our course portal, where you can also ask questions and discuss.

Question nights

During the training, we offer the opportunity to take part in question evenings where you can ask questions directly to Mic. These return at irregular intervals and are recorded, it is also possible to take part in them afterwards in the course portal.


Dr Michael McMullen

Dr Michael McMullen, doktor i örtmedicin

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Documentation: You can download written material for each course. If you want them printed and delivered it costs 60 Euro.

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